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Enseignement dans Second life, soyons créatifs !!!

Un petit extrait d’un interview de Pathfinder Linden (John Lester, Academic Program Manager dans Second Life).

What is the most common mistake companies/institutes make?

I think a common mistake is to focus on creating edifices as opposed to communities. It is important to not only create spaces in SL, but to create spaces where people are meeting and communicating on a regular basis. SL is all about creating environments where people interact and share knowledge around common resources and goals, in my opinion. Another common mistake is to restrict oneself to ideas that come from previous mediums. So, for example, recreating a classroom in SL that looks exactly like a classroom in RL often useful and works very well for meetings, but….people should also think beyond that. SL allows you to create amazing experiences that could not exist in RL. So, if you are teaching a class on biology, instead of simply having students log into SL and sit at desks looking at slides on a wall, why not create a giant 3-d interactive cell and let students explore the cell? Be a mitochondria! Ride a ribosome! that kind of thing.

Les deux mois qui viennent devraient être décisifs pour le projet "Langues au chat IW"… essayons de nous souvenir de ça ;)

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